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Get completion for a prompt.

A completion is a summary of the applicable laws provided in answer to provied prompt. The response will include the prompt, the completion, and the sources used to generate the completion.

If the stream parameter is set to true, the response will be a stream of events.

Request Body required
    prompt Prompt required
    stream Stream

    Default value: false


Successful Response

    prompt Prompt required
    completion Completion required
    sources object[] required
  • Array [
  • source_id Source Id required
    ids string[] required
    reference Reference
    metadata object required
    document_id Document Id required
    document_title Document Title
    document_citation Document Citation
    section_id Section Id
    section_title Section Title
    section_citation Section Citation
    instrument Instrument required
    instrument_subtype Instrument Subtype
    jurisdiction_id Jurisdiction Id required
    jurisdiction Jurisdiction required
    country Country required
    province Province
    other object
    created_at date-time
    source_id Source Id required
    id Id required
    document_html_url Document Html Url
    document_pdf_url Document Pdf Url
    section_html_url Section Html Url
    section_pdf_url Section Pdf Url
  • ]