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HelpMeFindLaw is a legal research AI that can search, evaluate and report on millions of laws in minutes. It uses Large Language Models and Retreival Augmented Generation to select the most relevent passages of law relevant to your query and synthesizes a response by aggregating, summarising and reasoning over the discovered law. Using this approach, we can use AI to discover and summarise sources of law related to your problem. A key step towards developing trust in automated legal research and AI is the existance of clear source traceability. We make this possible with our proprieity database of laws and our emphasis on citations.

Chat Interface

Our chat interface is available at

It provides an end user friendly way of interacting with our AI. You can create chat histories with the AI and open up conversations to help you discover the law related to your problem.

We are always looking for feedback so please let us know how we could improve by submiting feedback with the feedback button or by clicking the thumbs or thumbs down icon next to each message. Your feedback will help us improve our AI and answer your questions better.

Developer API

The Developer API gives you the ability to build powerfull applications and AI agents that leverage the legal resarch capabilities of helpmefindlaw. By using our developer API you can incorporate our efforts to build a best-of-breed legal research assistant into your applications or AI agents.


We have placed constraints on our model outputs to limit the AI's ability to discuss outside of its included knowledge and our laws database. This is a step we take to reduce the known hallucinations problem with Large Language Models. Despite this, the helpmefindlaw can still produce factuallary incorrect results so it is vital that you check the included sources provided with each response and do your own research.

Our laws database is an ongoing project. We seek to include as many laws as practical from the US, Australia, England and Canada. You can check the status of the included sources here. Currently, sources not included in our database will not be available to the AI; so, our AIs knowledge is limited to our included sources. Our AI safegaurds should notify you of this when you search outside of the included jurisidictions.

What's next?

  • Start chatting with helpmefindlaw to discover legal sources
  • Sign up for a Plus Plan to get access to additional features and better results
  • Read the Developer API docs
  • Create a Developer API key
  • Explore potential use cases